Where to live – BC vs. Hawaii?

So having lived in the lower mainland (Metro Vancouver) area of British Columbia and in Honolulu, Hawaii (born and raised), I’ve figured that it would be a bit of a fun exercise to compare and contrast the two. I can’t say one place is definitively better than the other; they both have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Yes, this is …

My Quote Collection

This is a post that will be refreshed on a semi-frequent basis. Its a list of quotes that I dig. Some are funny, others will be thought-provoking, and many will be inflammatory or controversial depending on where you fall on the philosophical / political spectrum. Anyway, check back for more later. If you care to.

Keynes v. Hayek Rap

Wow. A rap video about Keynesian and Austrian economics. And done reasonably well. I guess this is one way of reaching the kids. Too bad they’re being taught economics from the Keynesian perspective, if they are even exposed to economics at all.