Just say “No” to the cookies

Reflecting back on the US General election, I cannot help but think that the whole exercise is a textbook example of insanity, that is doing the same thing over and over again (in this case every 4 years), and expecting a different result. The American people have lost their minds. It’s not so much that Donald Trump won the election (as abhorrent as this may be), but rather the pervasive belief that the country needs someone like Trump or Clinton in the first place. A warmongering, racist, sexist, xenophobic madman or a warmongering, murderous, deceitful, statist bitch. Some choice. If the US is around after the next 4 years, I wonder what other muppets they’ll dig up out of Jim Henson’s reject pile to vie for the presidency.

And now we have Hollywood blowhards, Bernie Sanders millennials, trust-fund cry babies, ivory tower socialists, and other assorted degenerates, protesting the result of an election they had absolute certainty would go their way. “Welcome to the real world!” The world is not built around wishful thinking and free shit. The mainstream polls and pundits on tv and the internet had an agenda – to make an opposing candidate so polarizing and unpalatable, that the electorate would have no choice but to keep the status quo, aka. Hillary. I take a small degree of satisfaction that they f-d it up and got it completely wrong. However, the fact that Trump is not an establishment candidate makes no difference. This man has already demonstrated the hallmarks of the typical politician, i.e. waffling on promises, pandering to establishment figureheads, spews frighteningly authoritarian rhetoric, is saddled with a truckload of conflicts of interest, etc.. Coupled with his innate inability to examine things beyond a superficial level, and you have a recipe for chocolate shit cookies.

So the country and the world are going to be force-fed a steady stream of chocolate shit cookies for 4 years, right? Not exactly. There are a growing number of attempts, big and small, around the world to unseat the US dollar as the reserve currency, a huge part of how the US maintains its global hegemony. US citizens are renouncing their citizenships at a brisk clip every year. And most interestingly, there are calls from some states to break away from the union and forego the chocolate shit cookie diet entirely. And you know what? That’s the first idea to come out of this whole charade, that actually makes sense. Take a step back, and see the big picture. Since when would it have been a good idea to have 50 states, with different values and wild degrees of socio-economic disparity, vote on a singular entity to rule over them all? Would sane people not see the degree of divisiveness this would cause? Of course, they would. So I reiterate my position that people in the US have lost their minds (see the first paragraph). People from Nebraska have entirely different values and priorities than people from New York. The results of the election illuminate the fact that the perspective of folks on the coasts differed vastly from folks inland. And in Florida. Duh. How about it then? California – be free. Texas – be free. Whoever wants to be free, be free. When there are fewer players in the game, the stakes are lower, and divisiveness amongst folks will be lower.

Some relationships are just toxic. The best thing to do in a toxic relationship is to leave it. It’s about time that some states break their relationships with Washington. A good portion of the states would do well without the Feds. The union could be broken up into smaller regions or just singular states on their own, like say California. Economically they would be just fine, and do better in fact without the federal monkey on their back. Democratic governance becomes more relevant, allowing folks living in their individual regions to feel they have more say, experience more freedom in their lives. And of course, their crap won’t disturb other people’s crap thousands of miles away. Take for example the federal position on weed and the position of a select number of states, say Colorado or Washington state. The 10th amendment allows the states the autonomy to make regional policy that can oppose Federal law. But will the upholding of the 10th amendment last forever? One only has to look at the past 50 years to see the massive erosion of the rest of the Bill of Rights to see how the Fed feels about the 10th amendment.

Can states that want to break free do so without causing the 2nd civil war? I dunno. Probably not. But then again, it’s not unprecedented. Revolution is in the American zeitgeist. We did it with the Brits. And the Brits did it with the EU. And now there are rumblings in Italy to do the same. A good number of folks over the pond see the EU for what it is. A monstrous, ill-conceived, vampiric entity, that creates economic basket cases like Greece and Spain. Hmm. So with $20 trillion in national debt (and climbing! Well over 100% of GDP), not to mention unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare, over a thousand military bases around the world projecting unwarranted, unwanted, unsustainable empire across the globe, and millions of jihadist chanting, “Death to America!”, the Feds are exponentially worse than the EU. If I were a state, would I want to get caught up in the Fed’s mayhem? Uhhh…no.

People who survive and thrive after abusive relationships first had to muster up the courage to leave. The states are in many ways, in an abusive relationship with the Feds. Now that Washington’s got a new “baker in chief” making up a fresh batch of chocolate shit cookies, it’s high time some of us put our hands up and say, “No thank you.”

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