Insanity of the World

What institutions have wrought the most suffering and destruction throughout the history of mankind? Government and Religion.  Wicked, monstrous forces that by their very nature, destroy the essence of what it is to be human. When these two abominations collaborate in any capacity, observe the misery and destruction of life that results.  Why is it that the “mob” continually turn to these two bastions of oppression and tyranny for their succor?  This is the insanity of the world.  

How does the thinking man live in an environment where the very foundations of rational thought and logic are attacked by the mob’s stifling ignorance and willful abandonment of common sense.  Even if one were “institutionalized” by the instruments of government and religion, I do not believe that the nugget, the core of independent thought, intrinsic in all men, can be excised entirely.  We all have a sense of self, born out of conscious and subconscious introspection, that can never be snuffed out, even under the most crushing of hardships and misfortune.  

And so, I am led to believe that the world has indeed gone insane.  Perhaps it is easier to not think, to let a small oligarchy of “elites” do the thinking for us, yes?  Yes, and how has that been working out for us?  This is the insanity of the world.  And it is evil…more evil than Government and Religion in a sense.  To abandon the thing that makes one a human being…to readily give up independent thought and intrinsic human rights to government and religion – this is an unforgivable transgression.  By giving up this independence, this freedom, the sinner forfeits their own life and becomes a slave.

Regularly check your premises.  Are you guilty of such a sin?  Can you “think for yourself” without the influences of government and religion?  Thinking, rational men, are the producers and creators of value in the world and are the vanguard and bulwark for human dignity and life.  Long has government and religion waged war upon the thinking man, those that they rely on for sustenance, like an army of leeches.  They insert their “moral authority” on the populace and it spreads like a cancer, infecting minds with illusions and moral depravity, all the while stripping away inherent human freedoms – “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." 

How the vast majority of people still to this day have not begun to recognize the lie of government and religion baffles me.  How can one not see the reality that these two institutions produce absolutely nothing of value, unless of course you value suffering, strife, misery, murder, mayhem, and oppression.  Look at the historical record of government and religion!  Look at their records up to date!  Ha!  To have complete anarchy is far preferable to organized governance.  To cast off the falsity of god or gods to enjoy your own rational, free mind and its works is the highest form of worship – self worship.  Self-sacrifice to "benefit your fellow man” is nothing more than a cognitive shackle, an age old lie, used by the parasites to exploit and ultimately destroy the genius of thinking men.   Such is the contrarian nature of real truth in the face of the fables passed off as such by our slave masters.

Government is nothing more than sanctioned coercion and violence upon people.  Religion?  False dogma ensconced in wild myths that segregate people from each other and their own rationality and intelligence.  When you put the two together, what good could possibly come of it?  Two wrongs do not make a right as the adage goes.  One day the “leeches” will have consumed its host.  What then?  Will the insanity that is government and religion cannibalize itself?  Perhaps it is a fitting end, considering the short-sightedness and hubris of our species.  I can go to my grave secure in the knowledge that I contributed nothing willingly to the parasites that destroy the engine of humanity.  Can you?

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